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My first trip to India was a mesmerizing experience! I was ecstatic to take a 22 hour trip to the land of great beauty that has the known Wonders like The Taj Mahal. I saw invigorating colors of hope, love and devotion, transformed into colorful temples on every corner. I never could have thought that colors like blue and yellow, orange and pink, red and green could look so beautiful married together in one pallet.

By nature, I am an adventurer in stilettos, who thinks night out is not complete without a pair of sometimes not so comfortable high heels! I am bold but yet naïve to believe that I could walk the Great Wall of China in my heels. Flats were just never really my thing. I could never find a comfortable pair, nor ones that would look chic and make a statement. But most importantly, flats need to be worthy of bringing my feet that much closer to the ground. If anything is going to reveal my true height it better be nothing short of a powerful fashion statement.

Upon the realizing that touring India in heels was a losing battle, I was forced to find comfortable flat wear. Upon setting out to find some sensible footwear, I found myself standing amongst a sea of the most beautiful, elegant, brightly colored beads, crystals and golden threaded flats I have ever seen. To my joyous amazement, these shoes have a unique cut that allows your foot to be hugged and protected. The thick stitching gives it an authentic but sturdy look. Made with pure leather, they create a very healthy, comfortable and durable feel for your feet. Beading, threading, and crystal design make them look like they were made for royalty. Without sacrificing anything, I had finally found flats that truly augmented my fashion statement.

I wore my “Moxies” throughout the three weeks of my travel in India, in heavenly comfort and head turning style. Upon my return from India, I shared my new found shoe discovery with my friend and business partner Galina. We decided to collaborate together on this venture and MoXsha footwear was born, or should I say reincarnated for the western world?

“Repetition of beauty, a personal creative gesture.” – Paulo Coelho

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